Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

What is IvanK Lib?

. Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012 .

IvanK Lib is JavaScript 2D graphics library inspired by Flash.
What benefits you get with IvanK over Flash or some other HTML5 frameworks?
  • Small size.

    Whole library has only 57 kB. Do all WebGL apps have to load for 2 minutes? No, they don't.
  • "Native" programming.

    Many third-party tools allow you to write HTML5 apps. They have their own environment and programming language and they generate JavaScript at the end. IvanK (and your app that uses it) are written JavaScript, you always know what your code does and it is always faster than any other machine-generated JavaScript.
  • Incredible speed.

    IvanK uses WebGL and GPU to render graphics. Your games and apps will be super-fast even on low-end devices. Let's say your current flash game has a resolution 600x400, it runs at 25 FPS and uses 60% of CPU. Your equivalent version in IvanK will use 15% of the CPU, it will run at 60 FPS in fullscreen.
  • Mobile devices support.

    Your apps will run on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. It already runs on Sony Ericsson with Android and some other Android devices. Support in iOS is also expected in the near future (but you can run it already with a little hack).
  • Everlasting code.

    You don't have to be afraid that your app won't work 10 years from today. It will still work, just like HTML, SVG, JavaScript and many other standards are working for years.

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