Sabtu, 07 April 2012

InnoSetup Form Designer: Powerfull InnoSetup GUI Builder (Download Available!)

. Sabtu, 07 April 2012 .

InnoSetup Form Designer is a GUI  builder  for designing GUI for InnoSetup Compiler. We can create various form view to be displayed to user instead of some standard predefined forms. As InnoSetup is using Pascal Script from RemObjects ( formerly known as InnerFuse Pascal Script, CMIIW :) ), the InnoSetup Form Designer generates pascal code-based UI that can be included later within InnoSetup Compiler.
The Website is currently down. I was recently in very need of this tool situation. After heavily crawling the web for the tool, I found the Wayback Machine archive and did a download from there.
I’m not writing about using InnoSetup Form Designer. I’m just sharing a link of InnoSetup form Designer I’ve copied to my blog archive, so people can easily find it.
So here’s the download:

InnoSetup Form Dsigner 2.0.4 (44.8 KiB)


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