Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Simple, easy to use, very extendable Options framework for WP themes.

. Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012 .

There are many great theme option frameworks out there already, like the Options Framework, and the UP Theme Framework. Which is great, alot of this frameworks ideas, and functionality has been built upon the knowledge gained from those frameworks. But neither of them provided me with the extendability i needed/wanted. What i really wanted to do was merge those frameworks and add a little spice. I wanted a few specific things that have been the core reason for this framework.

  • Section Tabs - I wanted each settings section to have its own "tab" which can be clicked through.
  • Use the WordPress Core Settings API - I wanted the settings to use the core WordPress functions for creating/editing settings (no point reinventing the wheel).
  • Custom Error Handling - Inline with the custom tabs i wanted to be able to display error totals, and custom messages for each section/setting.
  • Easily Extendable - I wanted to be able to extend the framework for custom use applications. For settings fields and custom validation.
  • Customisable - I wanted to be able to customise the functionality, and style without hacking at the core.
This is why the NHP Theme Options Framework has been created. Every function/action can be customised, with more hook points and configuration options being added with every update.


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